Saturday, December 11, 2010

Access-based Enumeration

How do you stop users from listing files on the network folders that they have no access rights? You have created network shared folders with the default rights of read access for "Everyone". Individual users could "see" the file & folder listing of their co-workers, even though they may not read the file contents.

Microsoft has this Access-based enumeration (ABE) feature that displays only the files and folders that a user has permissions to access. If a user does not have Read (or equivalent) permissions for a folder, Windows hides the folder from the user’s view.

Access-based enumeration can be manually enabled or disabled on individual shared folders and volumes by using Share and Storage Management. This snap-in is available after a folder or volume has been shared. You can access Share and Storage Management in the File Services server role in Server Manager, and in Administrative Tools. You can also install it manually in Server Manager by adding the File Server role service to File Services.

There are two ways to enable and disable access-based enumeration by using Share and Storage Management:
  1. Share a folder or volume by using the Provision a Shared Folder Wizard. If you select the SMB protocol on the Share Protocols page of the Provision a Shared Folder Wizard, the advanced settings options on the SMB Settings page includes the option to enable access-based enumeration on the shared folder or volume. (To see the advanced settings options, on the SMB Settings page of the wizard, click Advanced).
  2. Change the properties of an existing shared folder or volume. To change the properties of an existing shared folder or volume, on the Shares tab of Share and Storage Management, click the shared folder or volume, and then click Properties in the Action pane. The information under Advanced settings displays whether access-based enumeration is enabled. Click Advanced and then select or clear the Enable access-based enumeration check box.

Access-based Enumeration Reference

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