Thursday, May 30, 2013

Insufficient counts after KMS host migration

For this new AD forest, I've been leveraging on someone else KMS service. As it grows bigger, time to setup its own KMS host. It's pretty straightforward to migrate KMS server. Plenty of step-by-step online like this. I have also manually updated the _vlmcs._tcp SRV record on DNS server.  And there is a problem. If you attempt to activate small number of new KMS clients after migration, it would report insufficient count. For KMS to work, you would need at least either 5 KMS servers or 25 KMS clients.  

So, I tried to re-activate existing machines by uninstalling existing KMS client key and re-installing it. The count level on the KMS host still won't jump and remain under 5. You can see the current count level by entering "slmgr -dlv" on the KMS host.

After going through all the slmgr options, I noticed an option to disable KMS host caching. Could it because the existing machines still activate on old KMS server? 

On a number of existing KMS client machines:
> slmgr -ckhc
> slmgr -ato

Hurry, the count is raised! New KMS clients are activated at once.

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