Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cert Template MMC Crashed on WS2012 whenever Key Archival was enabled

Cert Template MMC (CertTmpl.msc) on WS2012 crashed whenever the archive key check-box was enabled as shown in red box below.

A technical support was raised to Microsoft premium support with TTTrace.exe debugging tool. Eventually, the support team replied that the crash was due to a recently added CA server did not return any cert template information. Indeed, after I issued a cert template on that CA server, the crash issue was gone.

No resolution or hotfix was given. Instead, the support team acknowledged that it was a bug that would be fixed in next Windows version. The decision was made due to the following considerations:
  • Low impact of this bug
  • Easy workaround by adding an unused cert template on the CA server
  • Any code change could potentially bring wider implication to world-wide customers
My guessing on the real reason: the hands of the development team are full....

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