Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Remove active filter drivers that could interfere with CSV operations

One of my cluster nodes had DPM previously installed on it. As a result, I would get re-directed Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) whenever it is moved to this node. In the cluster warning, I saw:
Cluster Shared Volume 'Volume1' ('CSV Volume name') has identified one or more active filter drivers on this device stack that could interfere with CSV operations. I/O access will be redirected to the storage device over the network through another Cluster node. This may result in degraded performance. Please contact the filter driver vendor to verify interoperability with Cluster Shared Volumes. 
Active filter drivers found: SIS (HSM) 
 I search through the Technet on DPM 2012 on how to remove its SIS filter. Unfortunately, this page isn't updated for WS2012 that has no ocsetup.exe anymore. Hence, the replacement for ocsetup.exe is DISM /Online. To remove SIS filter:
Dism /online /Disable-Feature /FeatureName:SIS-Limited
Reboot the system after removal and the CSV is no longer re-directed.

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  1. I have this problem, exactly same scenario with redirectd access. Justa ram the command, reboot, and no more "redireted access" messages! Nice post, keep doing tha good job!

    Best, Luiz E. Garcia