Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to setup iSCSI Initiator on Server Core R2 and Hyper-V server

In my earlier post, I mentioned about using OpenFiler as a free iSCSI Target server and even build a pair of failover cluster VM server on Hyper-V. Setting up iSCSI initiator in full graphical W2K8 installation is pretty straightforward. What about Server Core R2 and HyperV server that provide minimal GUI and mostly CLI?

After digging through MS TechNet, I've figured out and tested it on my test HyperV server.

Step 1: Create a RAID volume, configure the iSCSI target, and map a LUN on it

Step 2: MS added a nice GUI of iSCSI initiator. Otherwise, you have to make do with the "iscsicli" cmdlet, which is difficult to manage. At the server core command prompt, just type "iscsicpl.exe"

Step 3: On "Discovery", enter the iSCSI target IP address or DNS. Make sure you add it as favorite targets, so that it will reconnect everytime the server restarts. On "Targets" tab, click "Connected".

Step 4: Type "diskpart.exe" on command prompt. Do "List Disk" to ensure that the new disk is added. Type "Select Disk", "Create Partition", "Assign Letter" to disk and finally "Format quick". All these commands are equivalent to what you normally do on a graphical "Disk Management" console.

Step 5: Check on the newly created disk and it is ready to go.

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