Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sharing ISO images among Hyper-V hosts

By default, when you want to mount an ISO image to a DVD drive on your Hyper-V VMs, SCVMM would copy the ISO image to the hosting parent partition. For better I/O performance & resiliency, this is desirable when you need to mount the image on a permanent basis. However, quite often, we only need to mount the image temporarily to install some applications.

SCVMM R2 (yes, only the latest version at this time of writing) allows you to share the image over CIFS (a.k.a file share). This saves storage space and time to transfer the image over.

If you read the in-built help, it only briefly mentioned about using "constrained delegation". Constrained delegation (1) allows a computer to impersonate a user account to gain access to resources that normally only available to that user; and (2) constraints the access only to specific services e.g. CIFS. How do configure that? Someone did the step-by-step explanation. Read this blog post.

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