Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part 3: Network installation using WDS

On part 2, we have captured the new install image for new computer deployment. We're ready to perform PXE boot for new computer deployment. For better security, we should configure the PXE response to known computer only. Otherwise, any machines can be installed and joined to your domain without you knowing. If unused, the WDS server should be shut off.
To identify "known" PXE clients, you would have to pre-stage or pre-create the new computer accounts using the RSAT AD tools on the WDS computer. Install the AD tools using "Add Feature" of the Server Manager. If you pre-create from a Domain Controller, the "Next" button and "Managed Computer" page would be missing and you can't enter the GUID or MAC addresses (prefixed with 20 zeroes) of the new machine.
There is this nice blog post that outlined the detailed step-by-step.

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