Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SQL 2012 Installation: Missing NetFx3

When I installed MS SQL Server 2012, there was an error "Error while enabling Windows feature: NetFx3". NetFx3 refers to the .NET framework 3.5. 

However, .NET framework 3.5 is no longer installed as part of the new WS2012. To install this older feature, you would have to perform side-by-side (SxS) installation. Mount the WS2012 DVD or the ISO image on the same host. Do note that you can now mount ISO image directly without third-party software by right-clicking the image and choose "Mount". 

Open an elevated Powershell console. To install the Windows feature:
Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-Core -source D:\sources\sxs

Once .NET 3.5 is installed, re-run the MS SQL installation. If you are also looking for the missing "Start" button to search for the SQL Server Management Studio, install the "Desktop Experience" feature as well:
Add-WindowsFeature Desktop-Experience

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