Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updating Powershell Help Files

When needing help in some Powershell cmdlets, the Get-Help cmdlet is the equivalent "man" command for *nix systems. The Powershell cmdlets are updated so frequently that it is worthwhile updating the help files as well. If the Windows host is connected directly to Internet, the help file would be updated automatically. What about for systems on closed network? There is a "Save-Help" cmdlet to download the help files and "Update-Help" cmdlet for systems not connected to Internet.

For example, run "Save-Help" from a Windows system with Internet connection to download help files for all modules to a file share.

PS > Save-Help -DestinationPath \\Fileserver\PSHelp

Run "Update-Help" on a Windows system without Internet connection.

PS > Update-Help -SourcePath \\Fileserver\PSHelp

Both cmdlets are available to Powershell 3.0. To verify the current version of Powershell of your system, run "$PSVersionTable" and look at the "PSVersion" property. For example:

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