Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hotfix patch needed for existing Windows 7 clients when installing new AD RMS server (WS2012) in Crypto Mode 2

The initial default crypto key length for WS2K8 R2 and Win7 is only RSA 1024. After I setup a new WS2012R2 AD RMS server in crypto mode 2 to replace the old WS2008 RMS server in crypto mode 1, the crypto key length is increased from RSA 1024/SHA-1 to RSA 2048/SHA-256. I have to install this hotfix patch for my Win7 RMS clients to increase crypto key length. There is also another update for Office 2010 clients.

If need be, clear the existing AD RMS client caches as well.

More details on AD RMS Cryptographic Modes.

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