Thursday, September 15, 2011

AD authentication for Dell iDRAC6

The well-known default login name and password for iDRAC6 are "root" and "calvin" respectively. You should change it immediately, which may probably turn into accountability issues of having shared password among various administrators. A better way is to configure it to permit AD authentication that allows individual login accounts and ensures consistent password policies.

Step 0: Configure IP and DNS settings on iDRAC

Step 1:Enable Microsoft Active Directory on "Directory Service" under "Network/Security"

Step 2: Enable cert validation and upload the Enterprise CA cert.

Step 3: Choose Standard Schema
Step 4: Enter the fqdn of domain controllers e.g. Define the user groups on AD and authorize appropriate rights accordingly.

Step 5: Lastly, test the settings. Supply the test account name using "" format instead of "domain\user" format that won't work.