Friday, September 16, 2011

Part 5: Sysprep and Capture Server Image using MDT2010

In the part 4, I mentioned about using MDT2010 to perform Windows installation over the network share. After you have installed, configured and patched this reference computer, you may like to "clone" this image for subsequent server deployment.   

You may use MDT2010 to sysprep and capture this reference image. Initially, I thought of doing a PXE boot and capture the image after creating a new task sequence for sysprep and capture. But I was half-right. Instead, after creating the new task sequence, you have to login to your reference computer, map to the MDT network share and execute the sysprep and capturing LTI scripts as follows:

cscript \\mdtserver\DeploymentShare$\Scripts\LiteTouch.WSF

For step-by-step details, please click on "How to run a Sysprep and Capture Task Sequence from MDT2010".

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