Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Enrolling SSL Cert for DELL iDRAC6

Dell's integrated light-out (ILO) management iDRAC6 allows administrators to manage servers remotely (using Java-based virtual console), as though they were in front of the console physically. Think of it like IP KVM. Managing iDRAC is performed over web console. Most likely, you would be greeted by SSL warnings, which is using a default self-signed cert. To do away with these prompts permanently, you would have to setup a PKI within your enterprise network, such as Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

In AD CS, you should be using Web enrollment to generate certificate for entities outside of AD, such as iDRAC. Create a new web server based template and allows iDRAC users to enroll. Next, generate a cert request for iDRAC. To do so, login to manage iDRAC setting and click on Network/Security and SSL as shown below:

Click on "Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)" and download a text-based file. Open this file with a notepad or wordpad. Logon to the web enrollment service e.g. http://certservername/certsrv. Click on "Request a certificate" and "Submit a certificate request".

Focus back on the notepad, copy the contents of the csr and paste it on the certificate request. Select the appropriate cert template.

Click "Submit" and download the server cert. Upload this cert via the same SSL web console page on iDRAC setting earlier. And iDRAC will take a few minutes to reset itself. If you still see SSL errors, take a look and troubleshoot. Most likely, it's due to some typo errors that causes a mismatch between Common Name and the DNS name.

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