Sunday, March 28, 2010

Live Migration on Multi-Site Clustering POC

Earlier in my post, I mentioned about the "Cheapskate Multi-site Cluster for Hyper-V R2 HA". I did a simple POC using low cost host-based replication called "SteelEye Data Keeper" (as compared to SAN replication) to provide asynchronous data replication over the network.

This is my 2-node cluster POC setup using MS Failover Clustering with quorum type "Node and File Share Majority". In this setup, we can afford any one (not two) site failure to provide continuity.

In this Hyper-V cluster, I have a few VMs running on both clusters. Let's do a live migration of one of the VMs called "PrintSrv" from Cluster01 to Cluster 02.

During migration, I continue my RDP session on PrintSrv to ensure that the VM is still up & running while in migration.

After a while, the current node owner is Cluster02. Live migration is complete without any down time.

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