Thursday, March 25, 2010

Failover Clustering Error 80070005

When I run Validation of my test failover clustering on Hyper-V, I get the following error report:

Validate Cluster Network Configuration Validate the cluster networks that would be created for these servers. An error occurred while executing the test. There was an error initializing the network tests. There was an error creating the server side agent (CPrepSrv). Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {E1568352-586D-43E4-933F-8E6DC4DE317A} from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 80070005.

This was despite the fact that I checked through all network connection & properties. I even made sure that the network binding order were correct on both nodes - the Public network card is at the top, above the Private network card.

This error usually comes when you have cloned VM. To check whether you have duplicate SID on the cloned VM, check out this blog post. To resolve it, sysprep the cloned VM (thanks to Farseeker) and the problem should go away.

According to this post, another smaller possible reason is that your environment is completely Windows 2008 Domain Controller (note: this error still persist even if the forest/domain level is at W2K3)). To resolve this error

1) Login to your domain controller using domain admin rights

2) Click on start -> run> dcomcnfg

3) Expand Component services -> Computers and right click on My Computer and click on properties

4) Go to Default Properties tab

5) Under default impersonation level select impersonate and apply it.

6) reboot your Domain controller and then try validation again.

Note: if your validation still fails. Dis-join machines from domain and rejoin and try again.


  1. didnt work for me either, solution seems to be to use a windows 2003 DC :(

  2. Did not work for me either. Had to remove cluster nodes from domain, demote the 2008 DC then dcpromo it back to a W2003 functional level. Re-added the cluster nodes to the domain and error disappeared.

  3. I set this on the DCs that the servers are authenticating to. Set these on all the DCs in your AD if possible. If not possible, set on the DCs on the same AD site.

  4. As mentioned in this thread: - this can also be caused if you're using a cloned VM, in which case the only way to fix it is to do a sysprep on the machine, but only if you've not got the failover feature installed (which if you're seeing this message, you have).

  5. Awesome! worked perfectly for me after waaaay too many hours of trying to figure it out. Thanks for posting.

  6. Worked for me!! :) Tried the sysprep solution to no avail. This was the fix. Anybody know why? Thanks so much!

  7. Tried a number of options but also ended up going back to a 2003 domain. :(

  8. I have prepared a two node windows 2008 R2 cluster. Let us say as Node1 and Node2. When ran the test it was failing from both the Nodes. Then I did this step and ran the test again.

    The cluster validation was successful from Node1 for Node1 and Node2. However when I ran the validation test from Node2 I have seen this error pointing to Node1.